Advocacy can take on many forms.  It can include such things as independently lobbying for change to serving as a rallying force in response to proposed changes.  More than anything else, we stand ready to communicate with our member list when information needs to be disseminated and to encourage expressing opinions to elected officials.

Our efforts in the past have included seeking the same liability protection for private landing areas as afforded other recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, etc. on private property. Delegate Barry Knight introduced HB 553 which resulted in the addition of Code of Virginia Section 5.1-7.3. This applies to private use airstrips which are registered and where no commercial activity is being conducted.

As advocates for private airstrips and those who utilize those airstrips, we are here to help with:

Liability Insurance
Current Local and State Legislative Issues
Future Protection of Your Rights

Should you need our collective voice, just contact us via this link.