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Virginia Department of Aviation – Registering a Private Airstrip in Virginia

From the Federal Aviation Administration:

How do I add a public or private airport to a chart? (One with a FAA Location Identifier)?  VFR charts depict airport’s hard and soft surface runways. Enroute charts depict airports having hard surface runways of at least 3000-foot in length. If your airport meets those criteria, you may contact the local Federal Aviation Administration, Airports District Office or Aeronautical Information Management, AJV-21, at 1-(866) 295-8236 to have your airport charted.

How do I register a private use airport to obtain a location identifier or make changes to an existing private use airport?  To register a private use airport with FAA or make changes to an existing private use airport, please complete and submit FAA FAA Form 7480-1 (INFORMATION) to your local Regional Office per instructions found on the form or submit your information electronically via the OE/AAA system.